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        Nanjing Xiangrui Bulk-Solids Engineering Co., Ltd. is specialized in bulk-solids granule processing. We are capable of providing a wide range of bulk materials processing equipment and systems for customers, including pneumatic conveying, blending and homogenizing, weighing and metering, unpacking and bag opening, dust collection and similar systems. Our company will tailor-make the most suitable bulk-solid materials processing system according to your requirements.
        The properties of different materials vary greatly. At present, there is no completely-quantitative theory to precisely define bulk materials processing at home and abroad, so design can be made only in a half-qualitative and half-quantitative way. It is very important to guide bulk materials processing based on historic experience and test data. We have experts of various industries with 30 years of experience on bulk material study, and possess dozens of years of study and engineering experience in pneumatic conveying system, hence our technology holds a high place in bulk material conveying industry across the world nowadays. We are capable of providing optimal design solutions for customers of various industries.